“प्रजा-सुखे सुखम् राज्ञः प्रजानाम् तु हिते हितम्,
न आत्मप्रियम् हितम् राज्ञः प्रजानाम् तु प्रियम् हितम् ।” -चाणक्य

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“The solution to the ills of  democracy is more democracy” – John Dewey. 

Success of democracy depends on the level of awareness of the citizenry and their understanding of the democratic institutions, their own rights and duties. Democratic systems are structured by a vast body of formal political rules that regulate the relations between politicians, parties, and citizens.

We at FDPR offer a wide array of services to help bridge the gap between formal and informal political processes; to guide  public policy formulation. In essence to pursue reforms for a more inclusive and participatory democracy.

We offer clients data driven polling and communication strategies to help understand the needs of vastly diverse polity.

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Our Works

      Survey & Analysis


Our Focus

Electioneering & Campaigning

Electioneering involves actively advocating for or opposing a political candidate or party in an election

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● Strategy and plan for canvassing in the constituency

● Advertising locally/nationally on print/radio/television/online

● Designing election communications and audio/video messages

● Developing relevant canvassing literature, brochures, billboards , other content and paraphernalia

● Helping develop manifestos and local area development plans


Identifying need for a policy. Making people aware about the need and usefulness of the policy

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● To gather information, discussion with appropriate stakeholders

● Developing a procedure for drafting policy and drafting it

● Monitoring and reviewing the policy

● Giving critical feedback on existing govt policies and programmes


Helping an individual leader or party to protect, enhance or build their reputations through the media.

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● Well defined strategy

● Messaging as per contemporary trends

● Managing media/social media relations

● Negating bad publicity

● Spreading the leader/party's agenda

● Messaging as per contemporary trends

Voter Behaviour Study

A voter may choose a candidate/party on consideration of one or more of the following:
● orientations on specific issues and public policy
● general evaluations of the incumbent govt/candidate's performance

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● evaluations of the personal characteristics of the candidates

These orientations and evaluations in turn are influenced by two more general attitudinal factors:

● party inclination

● ideological orientations

A no of social, economical and attitudinal factors shapes the choice for a particular party. 

Party identification and ideology are more general, long-run factors that influence the attitudes that may force voter to think beyond the performance of the last tenure of the candidate/party, may even force him to ignore the candidate and vote for a particular party/ideology.

Establishing and understanding the co-relations between these factors provide explanation for the voting behaviour. It helps us to understand the electoral dynamics

Thus, the voter behaviour study (survey) :

● points out the pattern and direction of the movement of votes..And the rate of change of the same.

● identifying swing zones.."not based on geography of caste, but on data. Once we see a swing zone, we see the underlying social or economic factors at work there".

● to check the consistency in the voting choices

Corporate Services

● experience management
● measure and improve communication with customer feedback
● insights for every leader to improve the employee experience with employee feedback

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● product evaluation
● brand evaluation
● providing social inputs necessary for developing an excellent product/service/brand
● providing critical feedback of existing products/brands/services
● providing socio-economic inputs necessary for optimal training of the marketing/sales personal
● providing socio-economic-psychological inputs necessary for a successful advertisement/promotion of a product/brand/service
● providing social and regional inputs for right target segment and region for a particular product

Our Blog

Market Research-Brand

Market research is  collecting, analyzing and interpreting information directly from consumers to study the feasibility of a new product or service.

पश्चिम बंगाल 2021 चुनाव- एक विश्लेषण

(लेखक- कुशाग्र पाण्डे एवं आलोक यादव, society for democratic political reforms (www.fdpr.in) के सह-संस्थापक हैं, और चुनावी सर्वे, विश्लेषण एवं शोधकार्य करते हैं)   पृष्ठभूमि (background)- 2016 के विधानसभा चुनावों में…

Bengal Assembly Elections 2021

Bengal Assembly Elections 2021   Background In the previous assembly elections TMC retained their majority with 211 seats. INC and Left Front, fighting in an alliance, won 44 and 33 seats…

कृषि में शोध के बिना कोई भविष्य नहीं

बुधनी विधानसभा में नसरुल्लागंज क्षेत्र में एक नई बीमारी ने किसानों के प्राण सुखा दिए है। सोयाबीन की जिस फसल को देखकर 15 दिन पहले तक किसान अच्छी दीवाली बनाने की…

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