Women Safety Survey

Observing increasing crime against women in our society, FDPR(regd.) has decided to conduct a study regarding the 'harassment experiences' of women.

The data is completely anonymous and no personal details will be collected. The data collected here will be only used for research and any conclusion would be brought on the right platform to improve the safety of women in various domains.

We request you to kindly share this online survey to you women friends/colleagues/relatives/acquaintances.

This survey will take about 30 mins. This survey would help us understand the challenges faced by women on day to day basis and might help to create some policy points which could be taken to authorities and stakeholders.

If you want a detailed study of this after the survey and analysis is complete please write to us and we will make sure that you get a copy of it.We request you to kindly fill the options after due thought.

TRIGGER WARNING: This survey also asks about your personal experience with sexual misconduct, such as
harassment, sexual assault and other forms of violence. Some of the language used in this survey is explicit and
some people may find it uncomfortable, but it is important that we ask the questions in this way so that you are clear
what we mean.

Again we thank you for your time and patience.

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